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NOBELCLEAN's patented "DIAMONDING" system is the most advanced cleaning process. It guarantees a long-term protection of the yacht/private jet's color and gel coat. We are proud to have achieved a minimum gloss value of 90%. We offer DIAMONDING on all kinds of paints (eg AWL Grip, Alexseal, Jotun, Dupont etc.).


NOBELCLEAN's teams are known around the world as the specialists in VALUE MANAGEMENT and VALUE ADDITION of business jets, superyachts and luxury cars. Our DIAMONDING system provides shine and long-term protection and after our treatment even the old paint looks like new!

Another advantage of our system is that we offer the ecological method worldwide, because we only work with environmentally friendly materials. It should also take into account the fact that the process requires no water and does not cause noise or extra dirt. Therefore, we can perform the cleaning and sealing in the water, or even during the ongoing maintenance.


  • DIAMONDING is NOT polishing
  • DIAMONDING is NOT abrasive
  • DIAMONDING does NOT reduce the paint layer
  • DIAMONDING is a deep cleaning of the paint layer


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