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Terms and Conditions

The customer has the rights to:
1) Benefit from two options: using the system with or without supervisor from NOBELCLEAN
2) Use NOBELCLEAN equipment and supplying materials according to the following prices:
25 Euro/sqm + additional transport expenses -> without supervisor 
   (for boats with max. 30m. length)
390-490 Euro/day + hotel, food and flight expenses -> with a supervisor (30m. – 50m. boats)
Training time – 3 days for yachts under 30m. –> 990 Euro + flight, hotel, etc. + 25 Euro/sqm 
   (all supplies and equipment included) -> max. 14 days per job
490 Euro daily fine if the machines are not returned to NOBELCLEAN after 14 days
3) Take care after provided equipment by NOBELCLEAN’s team
NOBELCLEAN has the rights to:
1) Train/teach boat’s crew
2) Provide the customer with everything needed for the work on board
3) Provide the customer with the necessary technical and safety information
4) Amerce the customer in case of equipment retention or damage
5) Require full payment before the work on board starts or demand the full payment no less than 
    two days after the supervisor is on the boat


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