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The Nobelclean Diamonding System


 The Nobelclean Diamonding System


1. introduction


The Nobelclean Diamonding System is the result of many years of experience with different polishing systems.


The aim was to eliminate the usual weak points of all polishing systems, which are the following disadvantages: 

- they are difficult to learn

- the result depends on who is working with the system at the moment

- they are not ecological

- they make dirt and noise


That is why polishing works are mostly done in the background, where there is no disturbance (noise) and where dirt is not a big issue. On large surfaces (yachts and airplanes) the situation is aggravated by the fact that the conventional polishing systems (sponge, lambskin) may not even be used in some cases!


1.1 What is Nobelclean Diamonding?


The Nobelclean Diamonding system does not have all these problems. For example, you can work on automobiles without dirt and noise; you could practically work in your living room. On airplanes, the diamonding system would not need its own downtime, since you can work alongside and during maintenance. Also on yachts you can work with the Diamonding System directly on or even in the water, it does not splash (paint cleaner) and therefore cannot get into the water. It is quieter and more ecological than any other system and the result is even better! 


1.2 What is the difference between the Nobelclean Diamonding System and polishing methods?


The difference is simple, yet serious: the Diamonding System is a pure paint preparation system that uses standard polishing machines. Instead of using lambskins or sponges, the Nobelcleaners work with so-called Nobel Units made of cotton or microfiber. These are pulled over the lambskin and then rotated or changed as needed.


However, the Nobel orbit plays the biggest role in the success of the paint preparation. It weighs 5.5 or 6.5 kg, has

2 handles, is made of cast iron and has a large support plate 28 cm in diameter. Different materials are used on the Nobelorbit, microfiber, cotton or fleece. These are combined as needed and make the unique finish of the Nobelclean technology. The Nobelorbit works eccentrically and rotates 2350 rpm - 2450 rpm depending on the model. It is much quieter than normal polishing machines

And hardly any dirt is produced while working. It is gentler to the paint and 90% of the materials are washed and reused again and again. With the Nobelclean Diamonding technology it is possible to work during maintenance (airplane) without disturbing the technician. 

Also the shine is different, the diamonding with the Nobelorbit creates a much better deep shine. 


The dirt remains in the cloth and can be washed out to 99 percent in the washing machine. And be used again and again. Lambskins or sponges wear out very quickly and need to be replaced in much less time. If they are not replaced in time, the results are also worse. This cannot happen with Nobel Units. They cannot tear at edges (sponges) and do not shed like lambskins.


1.3 Advantages of Nobelclean Diamonding


- no spider webs

- no holograms

- deeper shine

- can be used everywhere without problems

- no streaking

- much faster than painting

- always at least 90 percent gloss

- long warranty on the gloss

- can be renewed again and again

- less abrasive

- easier to learn

- partial varnishing is possible afterwards without problems

- no dirt

- applicable on all paint systems (except powder coatings)

- applicable on GFK and GRP

- especially suitable for dull or matt paints as well as fender areas!


1.4 Fields of application of Nobelclean Diamonding


for paint cleaning of new, dull or matt paints on all vehicles, yachts or aircraft.


1.4.1 Not applicable


- Powder coatings (mobile homes) 



1.5 Patent description


see patent


2. requirements for Nobelclean Diamonding

License agreement


2.1 Spatial requirements (e.g. light, hall, electricity)

The Nobelclean Diamonding System can be used anywhere and on site, it needs at least 220 Volt electricity (Europe).


2.2 Weather and temperature


At least 15 degrees outside temperature, it must be dry, daylight or halogen light or sunlight.


2.3 Scaffolding and tools


If necessary stairs or scaffolds and pontoons to be able to work on yachts or airplanes also in higher regions. 


2.4 Safety


The Nobelclean Diamondng system itself does not require any special safety conditions, however if customers require certain preconditions, e.g. safety goggles or shoes, then we will adapt.


2.5 Machines


Nobelcleaner use two types of machines: Nobelorbit and Nobelpolish. The Nobelorbit works eccentrically and weighs about 5 kilograms and the Nobelpolish works clockwise and weighs about 2.5 kilograms. Nobel pads are drawn on both machines. Both work with 220 volts and can also be purchased as 110 volt machines.


3. products


Nobelclean uses the following products:


NC 1, NC 11, NC 13 


NC 31, NC 33, NC 35


NC 51, NC 53, NC 55, NC 57  


3.1 Washing / Cleaning


NC 1, NC 11, NC 13


3.2 Paint cleaning


NC 31, NC 33, NC 35 


3.3 Sealing


NC 51, NC 53, NC 55, NC 57  


3.4 Aftercare


NC 1, NC 13,


3.5 Data sheets


All available


4. workflow 


Every paint is different: there are differences in paint manufacturer, color, age, maintenance condition, location of the object.


To achieve an optimal result it is advisable to perform a test job. Here the Nobelclean expert can test in which order the Nobelclean products can be used successfully. After that, the optimal work sequence is described for all Nobelcleaners. In between, these steps are tested and optimized again and again, so that in the end there is always a 100% work performance. Also our Nobelcleaner overlooks with so large lacquer surfaces sometimes something, therefore there is a Nobelclean supervisor, who tries again and again to examine everything and gives if necessary instructions to work again

to rework at the same place!


4.1 Safety instructions


Will be discussed on site with appropriate safety experts of the customer, otherwise are subject to the standards of the customer or shipyard.


4.2 Washing / cleaning the surface


Initial cleaning of the surfaces! With NC 13, the paint can be pre-cleaned if it is extremely dirty.


4.3 Varnish cleaning


Varnish cleaning is "the be-all and end-all" for success and for achieving the gloss level. Here lies the great strength of the Nobelclean Diamonding System (see also point 4).


We have up to 3 paint cleaners to choose from to achieve the best result on the paint. We perfectly interlock the experience and the advantage of the Nobelclean system! It is always an experience how the dull, dirty, hologram-covered paint looks after the paint cleaning, almost perfect and close to 100% gloss level! This is where Nobelorbit, Nobel Mikro or Baumwollkappe in combination with our paint cleaner show their full strength against other systems - and save the client a lot of money, because repainting is no longer necessary.


4.4 Sealing


It is the cornerstone of lasting shine and ensures that aftercare is easier and the shine lasts as long as possible (at least 12 months). In the meantime, Nobelclean uses ceramic processes. According to the current 15 years of experience of the Nobelclean team, they are the most durable coatings. Whereby a balance is always sought between durability and the possibility of easily removing the coating again. For example, for new or partial paint jobs. Otherwise the customer could lose a lot of money very quickly!


4.5 Acceptance


This always takes place with the client!


4.6 Training of the aftercare


The big problem of the last years. Nobelclean tries here with the help of the crew to find an optimal way. There are 2 cleaners available with which the washing can be done: NC 1 and NC 13.


NC 13 is a cleaner that is mixed with water and gives a very good cleaning result on dirty surfaces. 

NC 1 is a mild cleaner that cleans without water and can be used both inside and outside the boat. Additional tools will be provided and the crew will be trained upon agreement.


5. warranty


In principle, Nobelclean provides 12 months warranty.


5.1 Scope of the warranty!


See warranty agreement

5.2 Conditions for receiving the warranty


See warranty agreement


6. possible problems and how to solve them


Nobelclean is always available to the customer for problem solving and so far there has never been a problem that could not be solved. Even additional work at short notice has always been possible!


7. emergency contacts


Current numbers


Nobelclean Diamonding Service GmbH

Theaterstaße 53111
Bonn, Germany

+49 (0) 228 28629450

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