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Nobelclean is a German company operating worldwide since 20 years. The DIAMONDING treatment, patented by Nobelclean is the most advanced cleaning process. It guarantees long-term protection for the paints and gel coats of superyachts. Nobelclean is proud to achieve a minimum of 90 gloss units after treatment! Also, DIAMONDING can be applied to all types of paints (e.g., AWL Grip, Alexseal, Jotun, Dupont, etc.).
Nobelclean teams are recognized worldwide as specialists in this field, maintaining and increasing the value of yachts and aircraft. The DIAMONDING system provides shine and long-term protection for the most luxurious yachts, business jets, and luxury cars. So far, Nobelclean has been able to meet every customer request without any warranty problems. After treatment, even an old paint job looks better than a new one!


  • Specialist for “Exterior Paint Cleaning, Restoration, Detailing & long-term Preservation for Super Yachts & Business Jets”
  • Successfully in business for 20 years.
  • Product Marketing name: “DIAMONDING” by NOBELCLEAN
  • Yachts completed: 31
  • Aircraft completed: approx. 130
  • Yachts / Principle target customer: above 45m hull length
  • Aircraft / Principle target customer: Wide Body Business Jets
  • NOBELCLEAN marketing slogan: “NobelClean – The Art of Shine”

Process Facts:

  • Cleaning > Detailed wash and removal of dirt particles and general contamination.
  • Restoration > Rework of aged, oxidized, weathered and foggy exterior paint surfaces achieving 100% “new paint” gloss.
  • Detailing > Rework of hidden and “hard to get at” areas to a full gloss to match all other restored exterior surfaces.
  • Preservation > Coating of surfaces to protect the newly restored gloss against renewed contamination, oxidation and general appearance deterioration.
  • Providing the paint surfaces have not been mechanically damaged (impact damage, burn or discoloration due to hot exhaust, excessive abrasion by yacht fenders, spillage of aggressive chemicals etc.), the very expensive repainting cycles can easily be pushed back by many years without losing the “new paint” appearance.
  • Topcoat Refresh program available to ensure the achieved gloss and surface protection is maintained for many years. If Refresh program is selected, NOBELCLEAN will guarantee the like new gloss for up to 10 years.
  • Process is quiet, dust free and ecofriendly. Thus, can be performed in parallel during yacht / aircraft maintenance events.
  • Contrary to the traditional method of polishing, the NOBELCLEAN process is virtually nonabrasive.
  • Up to 75 % less expensive than repainting.
  • Up to 50 % easier to clean surfaces afterwards.
  • “Diamonding” processed surfaces are free of polishing shadows, swirls and halo effects which are typical side effects of the traditional and widely used “polishing” process. Afterwards the surfaces are equivalent to a newly painted surface in terms of color depth, surface quality and gloss factor.
  • Demonstrations (Test Patches) available Free of Charge within Europe (Yachts 2 sqm / Aircraft 1 sqm). Outside Europe travel & living expenses may apply, depending on location.
  • “Diamonding” service available worldwide.
  • “Diamonding” can be applied on all industry standard exterior paint (i.e. AWL Grip, Alexseal, Jotun, Dupont, Jetglo etc.

Our work wears the description "Prime Condition": With our patented method of "DIAMONDING", we have so far convinced absolutely every interested party.

Discretion is a matter of honor for NOBELCLEAN. Our employees are used to working for a very demanding clientele and have the ambition to meet the highest standards. No matter where in the world.

The advantages of the NOBELCLEAN polishing process DIAMONDING at a glance:

  1. 10 years gloss guarantee and longer
  2. Always possible during maintenance
  3. Dull or older paints are in prime condition after DIAMONDING polishing
  4. Only partial painting necessary, DIAMONDING eliminates the transitions
  5. Up to 75 percent cheaper than repainting
  6. Up to 50 percent faster post-cleaning
  7. Absolutely ecological - no dirt and also economical
  8. We are at home all over the world
  9. GRP and all paints are no problem for the Diamonding


Nobelclean Diamonding Service GmbH

Theaterstaße 53111
Bonn, Germany

+49 (0) 228 28629450

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